Biology / abrupt evolution

“Honorable errors do not count as failures in science, but as seeds for progress in the quintessential activity of correction.” Stephen Jay Gould

Under a rapidly changing environment sometimes large mutational changes take place. And in certain instances, amazing adaptive successes lead to the creation of entirely new species within a short time.

Take birds for example. A confluence of these evolutionary changes from lizards fosters the amazing ability of flight. Feathers. Rotated hips. Decreased bone density.

For a venture stage start up, both the internal and external environments are inherently unstable but necessary. Within our culture, we embrace this knowledge to guide an outcome of accelerated success.

Geology / fluid dynamics

In the driest deserts and coldest tundra, geological saltation creates unique patterns and structures as if they were human-formed.

Take a grain of sand and push it with some wind. Too little, and it falls into a rough pile. Too strong, it gets carried away leading to erosion. With just the right push, it piles up and grows, eventually leading to towering landforms standing above what once was the very same sand it was created from.

With the right amount of guidance to create the impetus of growth, startups that Saltagen Ventures invests in would find themselves standing shoulders above and positioned advantageously over its peers.